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For the 2020 General Election, all registered voters can vote at any Marion County Vote Center on Election Day. To vote, you’ll just need to present a valid photo ID and wear a mask.

The bipartisan Marion County Election Board approved the 2020 General Election Vote Center Plan at their August 26, 2020 meeting. This plan outlines Election Day locations, as well as establishes the number, location, and hours for the Early Voting sites in Marion County.

To find your closest vote center, you can use the map or table on this page. To learn more about what went in to selecting the vote centers for the 2020 General Election, you can download the full Vote Center Plan.

Find An Early Vote Center

Early voting at the Indianapolis City-County Building will begin on Tuesday, October 6, and end on Monday, November 2, with additional early voting locations open from October 24–November 1.

2020 General Election Vote Center List

Below are the Vote Centers for the 2020 Presidential Election.

2020 General Election Vote Center Map

Marion County voters can now cast their vote at any IndyVotes Location. Use the map below, or enter an address to find your nearest polling location.

About IndyVotes

On November 3, Marion County will hold its Presidential Election. Thanks to new technology, voters can now choose any Vote Center in Marion County for a faster, easier, and secure voting experience.

IndyVotes Faster

The traditional printed poll book has been replaced by a simple-to-use PollPad. Poll workers now simply scan a voter’s valid photo ID and instantly access county voter registration records, resulting in a faster voter check-in.

IndyVOTES Easier

All voters will now be completing their ballots securely on the ExpressVote touchscreen machines—which can access any ballot from any precinct across the county. The ExpressVote will provide a printed ballot allowing voters to verify their selection, providing a paper trail for every vote.

IndyVOTES Anywhere

Thanks to these advances, voters in Marion County will now be able to vote conveniently and securely at ANY of the Vote Centers.