Vote by Mail or at any IndyVOTES Center

Planning for the 2020 General Election:

The bipartisan Marion County Election Board approved the 2020 General Election Vote Center Plan at their August 26, 2020 meeting. This plan outlines Election Day locations, as well as establishes the number, location, and hours for the Early Voting sites in Marion County.

Click here to view the final Vote Center Plan.

Voter Registration:

To vote on or before Election Day, you must register to vote. You can register to vote, or check your registration status online, at If you aren’t registered, you must register by October 5, 2020.


Unlike the June 2, 2020 Primary Election, it appears as through state leaders will not make changes to allow every voter to cast a ballot by mail. However, certain voters will be able to apply for a ballot if they meet one of the conditions outlined on the application.

Voters can apply for an absentee application online here. Tips on how to navigate the site and apply can be found here.

Please note: The first batch of ballots cannot be mailed out until mid-September. However, the Election Board strongly encourages voters to apply early to ensure that your application is received in a timely manner.

Now vote at any IndyVOTES Center

IndyVOTES technology enables Marion County Voters to cast their vote faster, easier, and more securely at any of the Vote Centers in the county.

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Vote early at one of these convenient IndyVOTES centers

IndyVOTES technology allows Marion County voters flexibility on where they cast their ballot. Early Vote Centers for the General Election are the following:

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Voting safeguards

Learn about some of the measures Marion County has taken to ensure IndyVOTES securely.