Welcome to IndyVOTES

On November 3, Marion County will hold its Presidential Election. Thanks to new technology, voters can now choose any Vote Center in Marion County for a faster, easier, and secure voting experience.

IndyVOTES Faster

The traditional printed poll book has been replaced by a simple-to-use PollPad. Poll workers now simply scan a voter’s valid photo ID and instantly access county voter registration records, resulting in a faster voter check-in.

IndyVOTES Easier

All voters will now be completing their ballots securely on the ExpressVote touchscreen machines—which can access any ballot from any precinct across the county. The ExpressVote will provide a printed ballot allowing voters to verify their selection, providing a paper trail for every vote.

IndyVOTES Anywhere

Thanks to these advances, voters in Marion County will now be able to vote conveniently and securely at ANY of the Vote Centers.