Absentee Voting in the 2022 Primary Election

All registered voters who would like to vote by mail in Indiana for the 2022 Primary Election must complete an application by Thursday, April 21. You can apply online, or download the application at The Secretary of State’s Voters website. You must re-apply for an absentee ballot for each election.

All absentee ballots must be received by the Election Board by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3.

Alternatively, you can drop off your mail-in ballot in person to the Marion County Election Board office at 200 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 and the Election Service Center, 3737 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46219 now through Election Day. You can also drop off your completed ballot at these Early Voting locations on the following dates:

Where to Drop off Your Absentee Ballot From April 5 to May 2:

Where to Drop off Your Absentee Ballot From April 23 to May 1:

Haven’t received your absentee ballot that you requested more than two weeks ago?

Do the following if you want your ballot reissued, or want to vote in-person instead:

  • Vote in-person at an early voting location or election day vote center.
  • Complete an ABS-5 form, print and sign it, and return the signed copy to the Marion County Election Board at elections@indy.gov using the subject line “ABS-5 Request for Ballot Reissue.”
  • You can hand deliver or mail your completed ABS-5 form to 3737 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201.
  • You can fax your completed ABS-5 form to (317) 327-4815.
  • You can call the election board at (317) 327-5100 and press option 1, and option 1 again to speak with election board staff to initiate the process of having your ballot reissued.

How Does Absentee Voting Work?

Registered voters who are unable to vote in person at their polling place can receive a ballot by mail. First, registered voters must apply to vote by mail. If the application is approved, absentee voting staff will print, initial, prepare your envelope, and mail your ballot. When voters receive their ballot, they should double-check that the precinct is correct and that there are two sets of initials on the ballot. After casting their vote, they mail or return their ballot in person to have their vote counted.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing Your Absentee Application and Ballot

Listed below are instructions to help you apply for your mail-in ballot online or on paper, and to be sure your ballot is correctly completed, signed, and returned in time to be counted.

  1. Go to the Secretary of State’s Voters website.
  2. Select “Apply online / Get forms” in the “vote by mail or traveling board” box.
  3. Select “Visit My Voter Portal” and input your name, DOB, and county to login.
  4. Verify your information is correct, and then continue to select “Vote By Mail”.
  5. Complete and submit your application by Thursday, April 21 at 11:59 p.m.

Tips for Completing the Paper Absentee by Mail Application

Section 1. Information of Absentee Ballot Applicant

  • Provide full name, and date of birth as they appear on your voter registration.
  • Provide address where you are currently registered to vote. To update your voter registration record, visit indianavoter.in.gov or call the Marion County Board of Voter Registration at (317) 327-5040.
  • Provide a telephone number. This will be used to contact you if any issues occur during the process of your application.

Section 2. Absentee Ballot Mailing Address

  • Provide the address where the ballot should be mailed. Only provide a mailing address IF it is different from your voter registration address.

Section 3. Primary Election Only

  • Skip section 3.

Section 4. Reason to Vote by Absentee Mail

  • Check the box for your reason to vote absentee by mail.
  • You must select a reason to vote absentee by mail in the 2022 Primary Election.

Section 6. Information of Individual Assisting Absentee Ballot Application

  • If you require assistance completing this application, the person who assisted you must provide their information in Section 6.

Deadline for Election Board to Receive Application to Vote-by-Mail

Thursday, April 21 by 11:59 PM is the deadline for the Election Board to receive a voter’s application to vote absentee by mail in the Primary Election.

Casting Your Vote by Mail

If your application is approved, you will receive an absentee ballot in the mail. You can preview your ballot and learn more about the candidates on the Secretary of State’s Voters website

When you receive your ballot, check to make sure your precinct is correct , and that ballot has two sets of initials. Your precinct can be found your Voter Profile on the Secretary of State’s Voters website. You can then cast your vote, sign the envelope and return your absentee ballot to the Marion County Election Board office at 200 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 by 6:00 p.m. on Election Day (Tuesday, May 3). Applications and ballots postmarked by the deadline, but received after the deadline cannot be processed. 

Signed absentee ballots can only be returned by: 

  • The voter
  • The voter’s attorney-in-fact
  • An immediate member of the voter’s household
  • A United States Postal Worker or bonded courier 

The individual delivering the completed and signed ballot must complete the ABS-19 affidavit.

Defective Ballots and Requesting A New Ballot

If your ballot doesn’t have two sets of initials, and/or doesn’t show your assigned voting precinct, your vote will not be counted. To make sure your vote is counted, please return the defective ballot as soon as possible. To do this, you can:

  1. Scratch out the barcode and signature line on the security envelope, then place the defective ballot into the security envelope, and write “SPOILED” on the outside of the envelope to help our staff identify these ballots on arrival. You can then drop the defective ballot in the mail, or return it to an early voting site.
  2. Once the ballot is returned, the voter will then need to complete an ABS-5 form to request a replacement ballot. The forms can be completed in-person at the City-County Building and Election Service Center front desk at 200 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204. Voters can also download the form and return the completed form with their defective ballot in-person at the City-County Building. 
  3. Once both the ABS-5 form and defective ballot are received by Election Board staff, the reissue team will send a new ballot via mail on the same day.

Absentee Voting Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2022 Primary Election, there have been a lot of questions about absentee voting. Here are answers to the most common questions.

Find More Information

Regularly updated information is available at indy.gov/elections. Please visit the site for the most current news about voting options on Election Day.